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We have an eclectic mix of pins to share this week, but if I had to put a trend stamp on the week it would say “Nostalgia” and “Jewels.”  And what do those two words conjure for me?  Art Deco, of course!  Art Deco never really goes out of style, you almost always see one piece or another as it continues to influence modern design.  While Art Deco was the term used mostly in France, Streamline and Hollywood Regency were the related styles popular in California during the same time period.

1940’s Living Style

First up we have a pin from this great slideshow gallery in Elle Decor that showed the style popular in the year you were born.  It was a fun look through the good and the bad styles from the past – I recommend you take a look.  Except for the black and white photo, this living space from 1940 would feel just as comfortable in an NYC Penthouse today.

1940 - French Art Deco Living Room
1940 – French Art Deco Living Room

San Francisco Ferry Building, 1915

More on the nostalgia tip is this fun photo of the San Francisco Ferry Building from 1915, when it was decorated for the Panama Pacific International Exposition.  If you are interested in architecture, I strongly recommend taking a look at the buildings created for the many expositions that were held throughout the world in the late 1800’s up to World War I.  Paris, London and Chicago all held expositions to show the new developments in design and building and many of these buildings are still around today (though sadly many did not survive past their exposition!).

1915 - San Francisco Ferry Building
1915 – San Francisco Ferry Building

Modern Art Deco Side Table

I love, love, love this side table!  The aqua tones balanced with gold are great.  The shape makes you think of the facets of a jewel.  A perfect modern piece that was certainly inspired by the Hollywood Regency/Art Deco style.

Tallis, McCollin Bryan
Tallis | McCollin Bryan side table is like a precious gem for your sofa. Love the color!

Inspired by Art Deco: Dark Walls Reign Supreme

Dark walls, graphic prints, jewel tones, these are all part of the modern Art Deco look.  PPG Paints just chose Black Flame as their color of the year and in their main photo you can see many classic Art Deco elements such as peacock feathers, graphic painting and the decorative edge of the lamp.

Black walls may not be for everyone but in the right space can add a perfect punch while still acting as a neutral.  This room is a perfect example.  The dark walls paired with contemporary light-hued furnishings and generous window create a warm and cozy living space.

Dark Walls
Dark walls paired with light furnishings and a generous window make for a warm living space