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Last week’s pins celebrating the brightness of Summer, our first three pins all feature more muted color palettes.  Let’s take a look at what is trending this week.

Muted Color in Art

Our first pin is from an artist we mostly follow on Instagram.  Rebecca Chaperon, from Vancouver, BC has perfected the facet and the use of color to trick the mind into seeing what isn’t there.

Crystal Form 5 - Rebecca Chaperon
Crystal Form 5 | Rebecca Chaperon

Muted Color in Bath Design

Our next pin is from Elle Décor.  We are looking to remodel our small (master) bath and I like the way the monochromatic muted palette of greys in this example help to blend the walls with the furniture, making the small space appear much larger.

Ann Sacks floor tiles
Marble everywhere! Love the Ann Sacks floor tiles

Muted Color in Bedroom Design

Keeping with our muted palette trend is this lovely bedroom posted on Contemporist.  My favorite aspect of the room is the lavender-grey wallpaper and it’s “been there forever” feel.  Honorable mention goes to the bright yellow curtains are a perfect balance to the muted tone of the rest of the room.  One of the reasons the yellow works so well is that is plays off the purple-tinged grey – purple and yellow are complementary colors, or those that are opposites on the color wheel.

Yellow, Gray and White
Palette Profile – Yellow, Gray and White Interiors // Yellow curtains have been combined with soft gray patterned wallpaper and a white bedspread with dark gray throw blanket, to make this hotel room calm and relaxing.

Don’t forget the brights

Getting back to brights (it is summer after all!) we have this great pin that’s an oldie, from before we started Fortunate1, but still a great example of how easy it is to add some fun to your décor without spending a lot of money.  My favorite design aspect of this chair is the metal base.  CB2 has some wonderfully versatile pieces at affordable prices.  While this specific chair is no longer available, their current inventory has some great options, such as the Ixtapa Lounge Chair you see below.

CB2 Chair
Asan Kantha Chair |


Ixtapa Blue Lounge Chair, CB2
Ixtapa Blue Lounge Chair | CB2


Colorful Doorways

I had the pleasure of traveling to Croatia last fall.  We rented a car and ended up driving 1500 km (that’s almost 1000 miles!) in the two weeks we were there.  And we got a lot of great pictures along the way.  While we didn’t get as far south as Cavtat, where this photo was taken, we saw many Pinterest-ready doorways and windows.  I’ve included a few below the original pin.

Doorway in Cavtat, Croatia
Doorway in Cavtat, Croatia


Doorway in Vis, Croatia
Doorway in Vis, Croatia
Doorway in Komiža, Croatia
Doorway in Komiža, Croatia


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