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You know that moment at the end of a great vacation when you think, “Could I just stay right here forever?” Sure, part of that is that you’ve escaped the day-to-day, (hopefully) disconnected from work emails and schedules and all that makes up your Monday-Friday grind.  But for those of us who love design, the appreciation of new styles and spaces is there too.  And those thoughts of “could I just stay right here” manifest into “how can I bring the ‘there’ to ‘here’ once I get back home?”  Enter our love of the new trend in modern tropical décor.

Some people dream of afternoons under the Tuscan sun, others prefer drinking coffee at a sidewalk cafe in Paris, but for us, the ultimate Fortunate1 vacation is one spent sitting in the sand, frolicking in the warm aqua water, and lazing under the sway of green coconut palms.  If you want proof, check out the snaps from some of our favorite trips here, here and here.

The problem is classic tropical décor doesn’t work in every space.  A palapa roof would look out-of-place if it wasn’t on the beach, and a rattan sofa probably won’t meet the comfort test for most living rooms.  But there are some ways to bring the tropical vibe to any space.  Check out our favorites below.

modern tropical décor // Urban Sophisticate

Tacky tiki need not apply.

While the furnishings and other element in this space are great, it’s hard to deny that the real show stopper is palm leaved wall covering.  More of a modern collage art piece than a home décor element, the dark graphics against the light ocean photos help make this space tropical but still artistically urban.

Modern tropical decor - Urban Tropical
Urban tropical via

The Dwell Hotel in Chatanooga, Tennessee has some amazing tropical spaces, this brightly colored sitting area among them.  The overly bright wallpaper paired with the yellow chairs and art make this both an urban and mid-century space that fits well with any urban décor.

Modern tropical decor - tropical brights
Dwell Hotel’s tropical brights

modern tropical décor // Wildlife

Birds of a feather, flock together.

The colorful parrots on this wall tile plus the chevron design on the flooring add nice tropical feel to this space.  Since the other walls in the space are painted neutral the large pattern adds interest without being overwhelming in this relatively small space.

Modern tropical decor - parrots
Tropical birds in the kitchen

You’ve probably admired a Cole & Son wallpapered room at some point – they’ve been the darling of the decorator set for a while now.  And this fun flamingo wallpaper is no exception.  Although this caramel-hued paper works great in this space, we really love the

Modern tropical decor - flamingos
Dwell Hotel’s flamingo fun
Modern Tropical - Cole & Sons Flamingos Wallpaper
Cole & Sons Flamingos Wallpaper in Blush Pink

modern tropical décor love // Tropical Style Mix

Tropical mixed with Hollywood Regency, Bohemian & Art Nouveau

This sitting area maximizes the tropical with the large-leaf wallpaper, but it turns up the Hollywood Regency glam with the gold light fixture, pink rounded sofa and mod coffee table.  The addition of the painting adds an unexpected element, complimented by the coordinating pillows on the sofa.

Modern tropical decor - Dwell hotel
Dwell Hotel’s Tropical Mid Century

This Bohemian space uses a lighter, milder leaf wallpaper on the focus wall of the space.  The light colored bedding, walls, ceiling and trim help make the space calming and inviting.  The Moroccan-style rug, oversized puffs on the trim of the duvet and handwoven pillows give the space a distinctly bohemian feel.

Modern tropical decor - Eclectic bedroom
Tropical bedroom decor via Apartment Therapy

From the leaves in the cushions, to the oversized leaf and flower wallpaper, to the real life plants scattered around the room, Leo’s Oyster Bar in San Francisco focuses on the best of all the tropical elements – the plants.  The furniture adds an almost French Art Nouveau bistro feel to the space.

Modern tropical decor - leo's oyster bar
Leo’s Oyster Bar, San Francisco via Lonny

modern tropical décor // Just a Little…

Start small with accessories.

Even if you aren’t ready to go full-on tropical with your décor, you can still add that vacation element with accessories.  Whether it be plants in the bathroom, a tropical lightshade or a rattan chair on the patio – all will help to bring you back to that relaxed state.

Modern tropical decor - plants in the bathroom
Plants in the bath via Lonny
Modern tropical decor - Cole & Son Lampshade
Lampshade lined with Cole & Sons Jungle Wallpaper