ultimate style mix // INTERIORS

We love a good style mix.  That’s why our products take classic motifs reimagined in contemporary color palettes.  We appreciate the unexpected when it comes to design because it isn’t always easy to pull off.  But when it works, it really works, as you can see in the gorgeous style mixed spaces below.

style mix // Old World meets Modern

Living in San Francisco, an old architectural city by US standards, that is in the midst of a building and remodeling boom gives us the opportunity to see a lot of modern takes on classic interiors.  Open floor plans have become ubiquitous in every remodeled Victorian, Marina-style and Craftsman around.  So what I really admire about this Old World meets Modern example from the La Dimora di Metello Hotel in Italy is how instead of working against the original structure, they worked with it to create a space that feels both historic and modern.  While all of the furnishings are modern, the muted palette and natural linen textures helps to highlight the original stonework, making it the centerpiece of the space (as it should be, I mean look at that stonework!).

Home Decor Style Mix: Old World meets Modern
Old World meets Modern at the La Dimora di Metello Hotel in Sassi di Matera

style mix // Eclectic meets Scandinavian

We recently discovered Nooks, a Swedish real estate site that may soon have many looking to make Stockholm home, or at least dreaming of doing so.  If you are looking for small space layout and decorating ideas, I strongly suggest taking a look at this clean, modern site.  Many of the homes exude the popular hygge quality, the Danish state of being that emphasizes the coziness of a space, along with the classic Scandinavian clean, white interior.  While Scandinavian is pretty and nice, we like the added eclectic elements in this home.  The dark classic chairs paired with the white painted table.  The chintz chandelier against the perfect grey wall.  And the fun wicker chair against the light blue wall.

Home Decor Style Mix: Eclectic meets Scandinavian
Eclectic meets Scandinavian Cool in Stockholm

style mix // Dark meets Light

Any couple taking on a remodel or redecoration knows the challenges when one partner favors darker, heavier furnishings while the other prefers light and soft ones.  This room is a perfect example of how a compromise can result in a perfect room, likely more perfect than it would have been if they’d stuck with only one style.  The heavy, dark, classic leather chairs are balanced overhead by the low-hanging ornate chandelier.  The natural thick wood coffee table sits upon a soft, light-colored rug.  The distressed dark molding is offset by the industrial glass and metal door.

Home Decor Style Mix: Dark meets Light
Dark meets Light via Architectural Digest

style mix // Danish Classic meets Modern Tessellation

This kitchen in a recently remodeled 1915 First Bay Home uses blue and white as its common design element.  I love how the classic blue Danish tiled backsplash with its dainty floral motif is matched with oversized tessellated (that means repeated design with no seams) cubes on the floor.

Home Decor Style Mix: Danish Classic meets Modern Tessellation
Danish Classic meets Modern Tessellation via Architectural Digest