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It’s been a few weeks since we’ve had time to share some of our hottest pins, but that doesn’t mean we’ve stopped adding to our list!  This week it’s all about eclectic style.  Perhaps it is a push-back from the simplicity of the mid-century modern trend, or maybe it’s an expansion of the bohemian trend, but wherever it came from, we are seeing it everywhere this week.

So what is eclectic style?  Well, just like it’s name would imply it’s a combination of colors, fabrics and textures that still manage to create a cohesive feel.  We have a few great examples of eclectic design below.

native geometry

Geometric Duvet, Urban Outfitters
Geometric Duvet | Urban Outfitters

regional eclectic

This is a pretty funky pin, but I’m glad someone else thought it was as interesting as we do!  The restoration of this home was designed with the regional style of Northern Brazil (where it is located) in mind.  I love the idea of taking an outdoor design and bringing it in, allowing the two rooms to feel open to the outdoors.

Alagoas House, Tavares Duayer Arquitetura
Alagoas House | Tavares Duayer Arquitetura

dominican inspiration

Eclectic style overlaps with both bohemian and global and can even feature a combination of the two.  This pin is 100% global style and is also our second largest repin of all time.

Dominican Republic entryway
Dominican Republic entryway | Elle Decor

jonathan adler room

Jonathan Adler is the Prince of eclectic design.  His styles are a mix of Mid-Century, Art Deco, Hollywood Regency and a little 60’s Space Age just to keep things interesting.  This room adds a few global elements too with the ikat patterned curtains, Moroccan-inspired gold side table and textured throw pillows.

Jonathan Adler Design
Jonathan Adler Design

jungalow bathroom

If you like eclectic and boho style but you haven’t heard of Justina Blakeney and her blog The Jungalow then you are in for a treat.  The Jungalow features the best of bohemian style and design, including many ideas taken from her own home, like this recent bathroom makeover using Fireclay tiles.

Jungalow Bathroom Fireclay Tile
Jungalow Bathroom featuring Fireclay Tile